Life Skills and Personality Development Programs

Knowledge is Power. Well, 50% of it, at its very best.
Today, the expression is completed by a firm grasp on life skills. The skills which separate the best from the rest.

  • Improve your real life skills and walk out of this summer with a major boost in confidence!
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What is Included?

In total, there are 5 Real Life skills essential for you to learn.

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

All 5 skills are divided into 2 different categories for a structured learning experience.

Public Speaking Masterclass (ChatterBox)

Did you know that “glossophobia” means a fear of public speaking? With this course, gain the confidence to charm a far reaching audience and Overcome that roadblock of “shyness”.

- Eligibility: 13-18 year old students
- Program Duration: 2 Weeks
- Online
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JuniorMBA - Critical Thinking (Clever Harvey)

With the Clever Harvey JuniorMBA program, students:

- Get clarity on subject choices and careers
- Test-drive new-age careers quickly
- Boost your CV – add real projects that you will build with
- Unlock industry certification to your CV

The JuniorMBA program journey covers:

- Analytical approach to learn in a fun and interactive manner
- Practical application of your learning to create your own project
- Development of critical thinking ability to solve a company challenge
- Graduate from the program with your industry certificate

Dream to launch the next big idea/product?

The JuniorMBA program helps you to learn:

- Fundamentals of Business Strategy/Technology
- How to come up with high potential ideas?
- How to know your idea will succeed?
- Entrepreneurship skills
- Application of your learning to create a strategy
- Understand your users and build products they’ll love to use

- Format: Online live program with experts alongwith a project submission
- Eligibility: Class 8th - 12th students
- Program duration: 5 weeks
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Why Life Skills And Personality Development is Important?

Life skills such Public Speaking, Critical thinking etc. supplement your academic excellence to a significant degree.

Learning the implementation of various life skills, helps you tackle any real world problem.

Build successful career

Why Should I Book Early?

  • Most summer courses have already begun enrolment. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re fighting for whatever is LEFT
  • Booking early means your summer plans are set. No need to scramble in the heat to figure out what to do during the break
  • Seats in each program are extremely limited. Booking now will ensure that your seat for these prestigious courses is signed and sealed
Frequently Asked Questions

Industry exposure is very important for teenagers but it is hard securing an internship at a young age. Even if they get an internship, the learning is limited because senior people are too busy to train teenagers.
This opportunity combines structured learning in an industry-relevant skill along with industry exposure, resulting in every teenager working on a real company challenge and getting the best of both worlds.

The micro-internships are for students aged 13 – 18 (entering 8th standard to those who have completed 12th standard).

The micro-internship gives teenagers guided industry experience. Usually, seniors at companies are too busy to mentor and teach young interns. However, the exposure to industry is valuable at this age as students make career choices. Thus, a micro-internship combines structured learning with industry exposure. It works in 4 simple steps:
(i) The students will be introduced to the business problem by a senior person from the industry partner
(ii) Teachers will teach them the industry-relevant skill to solve that challenge
(iii) Students will use the skill to solve the business problem, getting feedback and guidance from their teachers
(iv) Final projects will be shared with the industry partner for review. The best projects will get shout-outs and may even be implemented!

Public Speaking Masterclass duration is for 2 weeks whereas JuniorMBA for critical thinking duration will be for 5 weeks from Monday – Friday.

The teaching of the industry skill will be done by a trained facilitator – the classes are designed to be fun, interactive and provide for hands-on learning.

The micro-internship for ChatterBox is best completed within 2 weeks and 5 weeks for Clever Harvey. However, should you need to stop and re-start later, we can help you re-schedule accordingly.

You can reach our counsellors at any point during the course to get feedback on their progress.

Yes, you recieve 2 certificates after completing this program. 1 for Clever Harvey and 1 for ChatterBox.

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