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If a single sheet of paper were to represent you, what all would you like it to showcase?

  • Add the impact to your profile on the paper
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What is Included?

Univariety’s Profile Building Program is a 50 day comprehensive process, which has guided over thousands of students to secure admissions in top universities worldwide.

The program is designed not just to help you identify the ideal college, but also to follow a personalized roadmap. The roadmap to creating a stand out profile securing admissions in top Institutions.

Profile Building Program includes the following processes.

Why is profile building important?

Catching the eye of an Admission Board takes more than just Grades Now. Thus, in order to make the cut your excellence must go beyond academic achievements.

What do I get Out of it?

A Personalized Roadmap

Based on your interests, aspirations, and Course- Country-College Combination choices, ProMap will design a roadmap filled with experiences, programs and courses that will ensure your profile stands out when you apply.

A College-Ready CV

To catch the eyes of the admission committee, your CV will need something extra.

With Promap you’ll have that X-factor

Build successful career

Why should I pre-book?

  • Start your journey to a successful career, with clarity on the destination to reach and the path to follow
  • Utilise the Profile Building Program to lay out your roadmap to success
  • And better to hurry up, the seats are limited to what can be a career defining summer for you!
Frequently Asked Questions

The Profile Building Program by Univariety helps students to gain knowledge and skills, which enhance their non-academic profile.

The Non-Academic profile of a student will include anything and everything that the student has been involved in other than their normal curriculum. This could be their participation in sport activities, performance arts, different competitions, social activities and more. This brings out the real personality of the student and offers a glimpse into who they are.

Each year the number of students scoring 90% and above is skyrocketing and colleges are starting to consider marksheet as nothing more than just an elimination criteria. It is the non-academic profile of a student that shows what the student’s real interests, skill and inclinations are. It is what piques the interest of the admission committees.

The program will guide you through a stepwise roadmap in just 50 days. We’ll provide you with the roadmap in 30 days. The remaining 20 days will be focused on structured profile building activities.

The Profile Building Program gives students a customized roadmap to suit their requirements and interests with carefully curated non-academic activities to make their profile college-ready. Focused programs like Student Exchange, Internships and Olympiads add value and enhance the students’ profile.

There is no specific age or subject requirement to enroll for the Profile building program. It’s apt for any interested student from Class 8 and above.

Yes. A Class 12 student can also enroll for the program. However, it is the student’s responsibility to dedicate time for completing the courses in time. The ideal time for students to this program is Classes 8, 9, 10 and 11

Yes. The ideal time for a student to enroll for the Profile Building Program program is Class 8. 1The earlier you start, the better it is for your future

Definitely, you’ll receive a certificate upon completion.

Exclusively for the summer program we have a total of 12 courses for you.

It is for the benefit of the student that he/she aligns and manages his/her time to complete the courses within the specified time period.

The students enrolled in the ProMap program receive a personalized CV or profile that showcases their skills, interests and the different activities that they are involved in.

ProMap has a comprehensive list of activities and programs in its database which it matches through its proprietary algorithm to give a student his or her very own unique roadmap.

Many top Indian universities are looking beyond the academic mark sheet. With the increasing competition, colleges are interested in enrolling students who are all-rounders. Building your non-academic profile gives you an edge over other students during the admission process even in India.

No, it can be taken up by students who wish to pursue their higher education internationally and in India as well.

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