How can I sign-up?

Signing up is a very easy process. Click on the sign-up option and sign-up using your Email ID. You will be given instructions at every step, making sure that the process is made easy for you.

How will I benefit as a student?

From a generic dilemma like ‘what should I do next?’ to a specific query like ‘how should I secure a seat in a particular college?’ you can find products that provide solutions for all your dilemmas.

How will I benefit as a parent?

In a competitive world, your child needs every advantage he/she can get to rise above the competition. Our solutions will help your child do just that. From making the right subject choice to building a strong non-academic profile, we can help your child every step of the way.

Who are these solutions developed by?

All the solutions are developed by Univariety, an ed-tech company with a decade of experience and strong expertise in the education space. Research-backed and scientific in approach, our solutions are developed to help students and parents make informed choices.

How does the product work, once a purchase is made?

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a payment confirmation email and an email with the access link. Once you click on the access link, step-by-step instructions will be shared with you on how to use the product with ease.

What is the gifting option?

The gifting option allows you to gift any of our solutions to your family, friends and loved ones. Give them a chance to grow and succeed with a thoughtful gift.

How can I gift these solutions to someone?

If you come across a guidance solution you’d like to gift someone, you can click on the gifting option on the top right side (below the banner) of any product. Step-by-step instructions will be provided throughout the process. Once the payment is completed, the access link is sent to the person receiving your gift. Using the link, they can access the solution.Need more help? Contact us!You can write to us at products@univariety.com or send a Whatsapp message on +91 9121012271