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I Want To Discover Who I Am

  • Understand your aptitude & interests
  • Dive deep into discovering your potential
  • Find the best career choice for you
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I Want To Experience & Understand

  • Experience different online internships
  • Expose yourself to different careers
  • Discover the right career choice for you
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I Want to Power Myself to My Dream University

  • Get admission in top Colleges
  • Increase your chance of securing a scholarship
  • Get end-to-end expert assistance for college applications
  • Get scientific help systematic career planning
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How do I identify the right subject/stream/career for me?

How can I increase my chances of getting into a top college?

How can I find an expert to help me with college applications?


From setting a goal to securing admission in a TOP college, different students and parents have different dilemmas and needs.

Our community of 5000+ career counsellors includes those who have expertise in solving different dilemmas. Explore and select the right career counsellor to find solutions.

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Who Went From Confusion To Clarity

My counsellor has helped me explore different career options according to my interests, which I would not be able to find online.

Univariety has really motivated me to reach my future goals. My counsellor was so supportive and inspiring. She motivated me to research more about different colleges. My doubts are now clear and I am confident about my future plans.

When I first started off on the journey, I was a bit unsure whether this would actually help me out or not. Later, as I continued interacting with my counsellor, I became more confident and clear about my career choice. I explored a lot of career choices which I didn’t know about before. A lot of precious information which is not available online is passed on by the counsellors.

Univariety has been a light in the dark for me. It was extremely helpful in understanding my interests and aptitudes. I got to know so much more about what I can do after school and as extracurricular activities.