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I Want To Discover My Child’s Potential

  • Understand your child’s aptitude & interests
  • Dive deep into discovering his/her talent and inclinations
  • Find the best career choices for him/her
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I Want To Help My Child Experience & Understand

  • Help your child experience different online internships
  • Expose them to different career options
  • Give him/her a chance to discover the right career choice
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I Want To Power My child To His/Her Dream University

  • Help your child get admission to top colleges
  • Increase his/her chance of securing a scholarship
  • Get end-to-end expert assistance for college applications
  • Get scientific help for systematic career planning
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How do I choose the right curriculum for my child?
How do I identify the right subject/stream/career for my child?
How can I increase my child’s chances of getting into a top college?


From setting a goal to securing admission in a TOP college, different students and parents have different dilemmas and needs.

Our community of 5000+ career counsellors includes those who have expertise in solving different dilemmas. Explore and select the right career counsellor to find solutions.

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We got to know a lot of courses that my daughter could pursue along with her studies that eventually will enhance her resume. The counsellor also did a great job.

Extending my thanks to Univariety Team for helping in building a strong profile for my daughter,
Shriya Jain, currently a student of Sat Paul School, Ludhiana

I would like to express immense gratitude for the excellent GEM services offered by Univariety. My son got the counsellor’s guidance on all aspects of the application process from brainstorming on the colleges/courses, picking the right colleges to narrowing down on the admission. The interactions were informative and helpful. The applications were completed way ahead of time. We would be glad to vouch for the efficiency and commitment of the Univariety Team