India has the largest student population in the world, accounting for over 350 million students. The nation needs a whooping 1.4 million career counsellors to maintain a globally accepted student-to-counsellor ratio.

The market size for career assessment and guidance is currently estimated at over Rs 5,000 crore in India and continuously growing.

Today, Career Counselling has become one of the most sought after jobs globally with a 19% employment rate as per industry standards.


Over the past 11 years, Univariety strived towards changing the counselling space drastically. From an unorganised sector to an extremely well-structured profession, we are proud to have one of largest counselling networks in the country.

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If you are someone with no prior experience in career counselling, but has a passion for it and wants to pursue it as a career. We have the right solutions for YOU!

In 2016, Univariety partnered with UCLA Extension to create an all-in-one guide to Career Counseling.

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Career Counselling is one of the most challenging tasks, filled with the responsibility of making one cocoon of a child blossom into a beautiful butterfly. GCC Certification is specifically designed to empower counsellors for this unique metamorphosis. Modules are supplemented with videos and weblinks which make this study mom lucid and enjoyable. Programs also provide counsellors with information which they can use to support students' career exploration and post-secondary educational opportunities. It also provides you with an opportunity to start your own career counselling cell. GCC certification with UCLA extension module is the need of the hour and I highly recommend it.

l feel the knowledge I have gained through GCC program will immensely help me guide my students to success

A holistic program for Passionate career counsellors. Thank you Team GCC for all your support and help during my course of study. Please keep sharing regular industry updates.